Do you need to sell a house with termite damage? - HighestCashOffer.comDon’t let termites take over your home and ruin your chances of selling.

Do you need to sell a house with termite damage? Many homeowners don’t think about the possibility of having termites until they’re getting ready to sell their home. If you need to sell a house with termite damage, a history of termite issues can eat away at the sales price.  Termites can cause serious problems when they get into the home. They can destroy wooden furniture, compromise the structure of your home, and can even chew through siding. Once they’ve established a colony you will have to get a professional termite control specialist to remove them. There are several signs that a home has termites. Look for mud tunnels that run up the side of the foundation or on support beams. These tubes will look like lines of dried mud. Termites travel through these tubes to and from the colony. Termites eat wood from the inside out, so you won’t see signs of them just by looking at a support beam or section of wood in your house. Tap the wood to listen if it makes a hollow sound which may indicate damage. Termites often leave droppings that resemble sawdust piles. These droppings can indicate any nearby wood is infested with termites. Another sign you may have termites is seeing a pile of discarded wings in windowsills or near the home. Termites swarm in the spring and shed their wings. If you see these in or near the home you may have termites. If the damage is visible, termites may have already infested your entire home. Sellers are required to disclose any termite issues. As a result, even after you’ve paid for an Terminix in Scottsdale exterminator and repairs, buyers may still be very reluctant to purchase your home. Don’t let termites take over your home and ruin your chances of selling.  If you’ve found yourself saying “I need to sell a house with termite damage!” we can help. The Highest Cash Offer team has the experience to help you out of even the most difficult real estate situations.  If you need to sell your house fast, we will make the highest cash offer for your property. To get started give us a call at (888) 387-5750 or fill out the form above for a free no obligation cash quote today!

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