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Selling a house is a big step that you should be well-prepared for. The idea of finally going on your dream vacation, paying off a loan, or investing the money in your business is very pleasing. However, the process of selling a house is far from enjoyable. While a real estate agent can take all the headache of doing the paperwork, they may ask for a significant commission for it.

Although not many, there are homeowners that manage the sale process all by themselves, and you can try to do it, too. This article is your go-to guide to what documents are required to be obtained during a sale process. So sit back and start making notes.

Required Documentation

If you have made up your mind to handle all the documents needed to sell a house without a real estate agent, then here is a list of what you most likely will need:

  • Mortgage loan documentation
  • Mandatory disclosure
  • Property deed
  • Property tax and bills documentation
  • Property information form

There is also additional paperwork you can prepare to prove the credibility of your sale. Since there is only a small percentage of homeowners selling without a real estate agent, you need to make sure you have everything to gain the trust of potential buyers.

Optional documents:

  • Original sale contract
  • Homeowners insurance record
  • Personal ID

Although it is a ton of prep work, we will explain what every document means and why you should obtain it. Let’s start with the good-to-have documents before jumping to essential ones.

Personal Identification Document

When selling a house, it is important to prove your identity. Your future buyer will do exactly the same. This is done because of the risks of laundering scams and other frauds. By proving your identity by presenting a passport, national ID, or a driver’s license, you protect yourself and your buyers.

Original Sale Contract

An original sale contract is sometimes needed when you are selling a house. It usually has the following information:

  • The original sale price
  • The terms and conditions you agreed to when buying a house
  • The proof that you are the owner of the house you plan to sell

Homeowners Insurance Record

Sometimes it is better to provide all the documents you have in order to establish transparent relations with future buyers. Therefore, you can include your homeowners’ insurance report that shows all the repairs and damages that happened on your property.

Property Information Form

You might be well familiar with your house and know every corner of it. And your potential buyers should also have the right to know the layout of rooms and the conditions of the building and learn about any major renovation done in the past years.

By providing a property survey document, you show potential buyers that no construction was done unapproved, but all are legal. Moreover, it should include information about parking, occupiers, and even ongoing disputes you may have with your neighbors.

Mortgage Loan Documentation

You are required to show loan and credit agreements if you have any. Such documents would include the amount owed and paid. In case you lack this documentation, simply contact the bank or a loan canter that issued you a loan.

Mortgage loan documentation is an important document as it indicates that you paid off the loan, and the home won’t be taken by a lending institution.

Mandatory Disclosures

By law, you are required to inform future buyers of any problems that are present in your property. The number of details will depend on your state, but overall, you should disclose all the issues that may harm the health of the inhabitants.

Property Deed

The property deed is the most important document in the whole process. It is a valuable piece of paper that has documented the name of the homeowner or the grantor and then also a buyer’s name or a grantee. Every time the property is sold to someone else, the property deed will be given to the next owner.

Basically, this document indicates that a property is in your possession. It seems like a document everybody would have stored somewhere in a pile of papers in a drawer; however, as the years go by, people tend to forget about the paperwork that had been done long before buying the house.

Luckily, there are a few ways to retrieve the deed to your house without the help of a real estate agent:

  • Visit your local authorities and ask to access the records of property sales (some can have online-based records).
  • Hire a deed retrieve company to search for your deed for a certain price.

Property Tax and Bills Documentation

This part of the paperwork can be the easiest and the quickest one as you are only required to show your latest property taxes and bills associated with your house. It is yet again to establish transparency and let your potential buyers be aware of what expenses to expect. Note that you might be required to pay off all of the unpaid taxes and bills before selling.

This final document is the final step in your long selling preparation. As soon as you have everything ready, you can start inviting your potential buyers to an open house event. However, the only thing you should keep in mind is to have a readily available lawyer to help you with any arising problem during the sale.

How to Avoid All the Paperwork?

If you want to avoid paying a real estate agent and also save time on preparing all the documents, why not sell it directly with the Highest Cash Offer?

You can sell your property fast and in any condition right now. Whether it has roof damage or requires urgent electric repair, we are willing to pay cash for it. With us, you can avoid all the time-consuming paperwork, pay zero closing costs, and also receive cash quickly.

Sell Your House With Highest Cash Offer

Selling your house is daunting and can lead to many obstacles that you will have to overcome by yourself. You can give a call to a real estate agent for a piece of advice; however, there is only so much they can tell you since you aren’t planning on hiring them. It might be impossible to eliminate all the costs related to selling your real estate since you might need to use the help of an attorney and have someone flick through your paperwork.

Why not skip all of it altogether and sell your house with Highest Cash Offer? The sale process is stress-free and can be finalized within as little as 7 days.

You can leave the selling process to us. You can expect to receive money after five easy steps are completed:

  1. Phone consultation.
  2. Evaluation and initial cash offer.
  3. Home inspection.
  4. Condition verification.
  5. Completion of the final paperwork and cash transfer.

Get in touch today at (888) 387-5750 or receive a free-of-charge offer.

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